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Integrate Evernote with Google Apps And Simply Business Workflow

Evernote never stops trying to make everyone’s life easier. With over 100 million users, Evernote wants to be the home of things you need to remember.

That’s great for Evernote users, but what about Microsoft OneNote users, Google Docs, or Slack users? Sure, each have different features, but they’re all trying to be the home of our cloud-based memory. Some integration is possible, but there’s a limit to how many online accounts people will use. Interestingly, 85% of smartphone users use apps, but only 5 apps experience heavy traffic.

Digital Overload

Even for work, hyper-connected professionals are reluctant to use additional online services. This can cause problems if different teams, freelancers, contractors, and clients are all using different services, isolated behind numerous walled platforms. The one exception is Google Apps for Business, with hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

Here’s A Simple Guide to Sync Your Google Apps for Work with Other Apps To Increase Your Productivity

We need a new solution for our workplace of fragmented platforms; of which is seemingly inevitable. Luckily, cloudHQ makes it easy.

7-Step Guide

  1. Login to cloudHQ
  2. If you’re an IT admin, select the multiple user set up and follow the wizard.  
  3. If you’re just looking to sync your personal cloud services, just select the single user setup. From there, follow the wizard in selecting which apps you want to have in a folder within your Google Drive.
  4. Select Evernote, Slack, and any other services you want to sync to Google Drive
  5. Go through the authentication for each cloud app you want synched with your Google Drive
  6. If you want to sync a folder in your Google Docs or a Gmail label with or anyone else; like external freelancers, teammates, clients, etc., you could share your folder with them. This way, as they update that folder in their clouds, you’ll be able to see their work, and they’ll see yours in real-time. No email attachments necessary… just check your Google Drive folder and collaborate like a team!
  7. And you’re done!

Instead of multiple conversations, documents and attachments bouncing around different platforms, resulting in some teammates not having access to all the information they need – everything is centrally consolidated. Making decisions is easier when data can be accessed by all stakeholders.


Lead your team, and keep it tight with cloudHQ.  

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