New: Full Basecamp 3 Backup Support

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We’re proud to announce cloudHQ as the only company to fully support 37Signals’ newest project management platform, Basecamp 3, with an automated, real-time cloud backup.




Automatic Basecamp 3 Backup

Basecamp is used to organize your most important projects, and to go without backing it up is a huge deficit. With cloudHQ, you can now back it up in real-time to your cloud storage provider like: Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 or any of our supported cloud storage systems.

If you ever leave Basecamp, you’ll have a full record of every task, every document, and every conversation.

What You’ll Need

How to Set Up Your Basecamp 3 Backup in 3 Easy Steps

Setting up a backup for Basecamp 3 is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Add Basecamp 3 and authorize your account
  2. Select where you want to backup your Basecamp 3 (Google Drive, Amazon S3, Box…)
  3. Process your payment and your backup will start immediately.

What You Can Expect

    • You’ll have a real-time copy of Basecamp 3 in your cloud storage, and
    • Archive folders reflecting previous copies of Basecamp 3.

This is done so that you can retrieve and restore your Basecamp 3 information very quickly.




Backup Basecamp 3 Now
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