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Stop Wasting 20 Hours With Dropbox File Sharing

How long does it take to email a file from Dropbox (or any other cloud storage account)?

We were curious. We did five tests, then calculated the average time to build and share a link.

Our results?

We averaged 37.4 seconds to:

  1. Find a file in Dropbox
  2. Create a share link
  3. Copy the link
  4. Paste the link in an email.

37.4 seconds may not sound like much. But if your job requires you to send a lot of files back and forth via email, the time adds up quickly.

If you send 10 attachments a day this way, 5 days a week, for 50 weeks this year, you’ll spend 20.8 hours this year doing nothing but creating and sharing links to files in Dropbox.

There’s a better (and faster) way.

Share and Attach Files in Gmail

Instead of going into Dropbox, the new Share and Attach Files in Gmail Chrome extension lets you find and attach files directly within Gmail.

The extension is free. It works for anyone with an “” account or whose email is hosted by Google through Google Apps.

To use it, simply click the button inside Gmail, choose your cloud storage account, then navigate to the file you want to attach.


No copy and paste required. And no long, ugly-looking links to send to your boss, coworkers, or customers.

See the difference?





It’s not just Dropbox.

Share and Attach Files in Gmail lets you grab files from:

Whatever service you use, you’ll be able to attach files with just a few clicks.





How Much Time Could You Save?

For fun, we timed the process of attaching a file from Dropbox using the new Chrome extension.

After five tests, the process took an average of 17.8 seconds to find and attach the same file. That’s over 50% faster, and it looks much better.

Use it regularly, and you could gain 12-13 hours a year in productivity, simply by using a free Chrome extension when you share documents.






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