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7 Top Note-Taking Apps



We love Evernote, but it’s not the only note-taking app on the market.

If you’re a visual thinker, a programmer, or a fan of pen and paper, you might be better off with something different.

Below is our list of different note-taking apps plus the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Automatically Save Gmail to Cloud Storage

We’re pleased to announce a new advanced wizard for our Save Emails to Cloud Storage extensions.

The new wizard lets you automatically store PDF copies of your emails (plus any attachments) to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and other cloud storage services.

It also lets you create advanced rules for what emails to save (and which to skip). Options include:

  • From a sender
  • Subject title
  • Has attachment

Creating Rules to Automatically Save Your Emails


New: cloudHQ Now Free for Free Services!



cloudHQ Pricing




We’re excited to announce: cloudHQ is now 100% free to use with free cloud applications.

If you use free accounts from any of the following services, you can now use cloudHQ for free:

  • Dropbox

  • Google Drive

  • Box

  • Evernote

  • OneDrive

  • Amazon S3

  • Any other free account from a cloud service supported by cloudHQ

Bottom line: If you use free cloud apps, cloudHQ is free too.

The Complete Mini Guide to Cloud Storage

Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Amazon Web Services, iCloud?

Which one is best?

The answer is: it depends on your needs.

There is no “best” service. But there is probably one or two that are better than the others for your specific situation.

We support five of the six services (everything but iCloud, for reasons we’ll explain in a bit).

In this post, we’ll give you a buyer’s guide for the six major cloud service providers:

  1. Dropbox

  2. Box

  3. Google Drive

  4. OneDrive

  5. Amazon Web Services

  6. iCloud



Full Gmail Label Sharing Control for Admins

Take Control


Our customers constantly teach us how they want to use Gmail label sharing, and we’re listening. Today, we couldn’t be more excited to announce our latest feature: Gmail Label Sharing for Admins.

Yes, for IT admins… and also for anyone who owns their own Google Apps Domain (which are usually business owners).

Gmail Label Sharing is great for anyone who likes to write notes about emails that they’ve received, or for teams who need to have internal conversations about topics like:

  1. Incoming support emails

  2. Sales & customer management

  3. Legal cases

  4. Real estate properties

  5. Human resources

Create Beautiful Emails with One Click in Google Docs






We love Gmail.

We don’t love formatting emails in Gmail.

For some reason, Google hasn’t made it easy to create good-looking, nicely-formatted emails using Gmail.

So… we built a free Chrome extension to fix that.

5 Quick Ways to Detox Your Digital Life (In 10 Minutes or Less)




Clutter in life leads to clutter in your thinking. It’s true for digital clutter just like it is for physical clutter.

Here are five simple projects you can do today to help you clean up your digital life:

Stop Wasting 20 Hours With Dropbox File Sharing


How long does it take to email a file from Dropbox (or any other cloud storage account)?

We were curious. We did five tests, then calculated the average time to build and share a link.

Our results?

We averaged 37.4 seconds to:

  1. Find a file in Dropbox
  2. Create a share link
  3. Copy the link
  4. Paste the link in an email.

37.4 seconds may not sound like much. But if your job requires you to send a lot of files back and forth via email, the time adds up quickly.

If you send 10 attachments a day this way, 5 days a week, for 50 weeks this year, you’ll spend 20.8 hours this year doing nothing but creating and sharing links to files in Dropbox.

There’s a better (and faster) way.

How to Design Professional-Looking Emails in Gmail



Sending a well-designed email is like wearing a tailored suit to a business meeting.

It creates an excellent first impression.

Clearly, Gmail does not make very nice-looking emails. As text-based emails, it’s very drab.

But by adding graphics, colors, or other branding elements, Gmail has the huge potential to be engaging.

Our new free Chrome extension is here to help. It’s called, “Gmail Email Templates.”

It’s 100% free for anyone with an “@gmail.com” account or a business email hosted through Google Apps.


GmailTemplate_Chrome_GIF-550x344 (1)

Backup Evernote to Google Drive And Keep It Safe

evernote to google drive



Are you worried about having a backup of your Evernote in a safe place? We can understand that. Here’s a way to keep a copy of all your Evernote notes continuously backed up to your Google Drive.

All your notes will be converted to read/write, fully-searchable Google Docs, making them easily available and backed up.

If you stay under Google’s 15GB limit, you can do this without a premium plan. And there is no two-device limit (as there will be for Evernote’s new free plan).

The process takes about three minutes.

If you stay with the free versions of Evernote and Google Drive, there is no cost to migrate your data or use the service.

It is the easiest way to keep all your notes in another service like Google Drive while maintaining full access to all the data you have in Evernote today.

Here’s how to do it:

10 Google Drive Hacks That’ll Make You Look Like a Genius



Lots of you use Google Drive for your business.

We do too. It’s simple, easy-to-use, and packed with features that make work easier.

It’s so powerful—and yet, you probably don’t realize all of Google Drive can actually do… especially with the help of a few Google Chrome extensions.

Let’s change that, shall we?

Here’s a top 10 list of our favorite Google Drive productivity features for business:

16 Free Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Productivity



We’ve recently released a host of free Chrome productivity extensions for Gmail.

They are all free.

If you have Gmail or host your company’s email through Google Apps, you can use any of all of them.

Each one is designed to help you do more, faster, and better.

Here’s the complete list:

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