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realtorEvernote. While Evernote may sound like just another typical note-taking app, it is actually much, much more than that; and in the real estate business, it can quickly become a real estate agent’s right-hand assistant.

Evernote for real estate agents

Evernote allows agents to quickly jot down notes from meetings, phone calls, etc. If driving, you can simply use the dictation feature and talk to Evernote. An audio file will be saved and you can transcribe it later.

You can take photos using the camera on your mobile device directly from Evernote. The photos will be saved in Evernote and can be tagged for simple searching at a later time.

Documents can be created, edited, shared and stored using Evernote. To-do lists can be created and managed to ensure you don’t miss any important appointments or tasks. To put it simply—Evernote is like a complete, virtual office that follows you everywhere you go.

People love Dropbox because it’s so convenient and easy to use. But those who use it for business are faced with two challenges: how to make sure their confidential data is protected from unauthorized or malicious access, and how to protect that data against malicious or accidental deletion.

There’s an easy way to do both, when you combine Dropbox with Credeon and cloudHQ.

The Convenience and Concerns of Cloud Storage

You probably already know that Dropbox is an extremely effective and popular cloud storage service that many businesses use for seamless sharing, storage, and backup of important data in the cloud. It makes collaboration simple and convenient.

A flow for Lawyers which want to use Box and Basecamp:

Project management is something that lawyers need to juggle everyday. Each case is just one of their projects. As a result, effective project management tools that are secure and cloud-based are a “must-have”.

Of course, the million-dollar question remains: What cloud-based project management tools are your best options? The truth is that no one service is the best for everything that you need to do. Each service has something unique to offer, so we’ve devised a way for you to take the best of each of those services and combine them. This way, you’re left with all the power and flexibility to help you organize and run your law firm.

Our legal clients’ preferred trifecta is Basecamp, Box and cloudHQ, not only because of each tool’s inherent functionality, but also because they’re easy to use—and that means you have more time to devote to the work that matters… law.

Balancing Scale Between Evernote and Sharepoint

If there’s one thing lawyers have in common, it’s paperwork—lots and lots of paperwork. Notes, depositions, contracts, agreements, waivers, applications—all of this adds up to a lot of paper that needs to be safeguarded and accessible, which is why SharePoint and cloud-powered tools are an increasingly attractive and efficient option for the legal industry.

Why SharePoint Makes Sense in Law Firms 

If you work at a mid to large-sized law firm, there’s a good chance you’re already using SharePoint, a collaborative platform from Microsoft that offers a myriad of functionalities. Whether it’s hosting a video conference across multiple locations or organizing materials for your case, SharePoint can help you get the job done.

It’s easy to see why cloud computing transformed from a convenient service to the focal point of businesses everywhere. What started as an evolution, allowing businesses and individual users to do more with internet connectivity, has now become an absolute necessity for many. Still, many don’t quite understand what the cloud is, or what it does, even if they’ve already made a habit out of using it in some way every day.


Integrate Your Favorite Productivity Cloud Services with Egnyte

There’s no denying the cloud has quickly emerged as a critical business tool that enables productivity, access and collaboration regardless of an employee’s (or a company’s) physical location. And just as a smartphone works better with apps, the cloud works better with a thoughtfully selected array of tools and services that help you make the most of these digital capabilities.

As a result, a large number of companies have started incorporating numerous cloud-based services and tools into their workflow. Our team at cloudHQ has found that one of the most popular combinations is Egnyte and SharePoint, thanks in large part to Egnyte’s position as a clear leader for cloud-based storage and file sharing, especially at the enterprise level when companies are dealing with large data volumes, but require security within their sharing networks.

Top Secret

Guest post from our friends at Omnistar Interactive.

Businesses are increasingly allowing content sharing in their organizations. But with constant security issues posing a threat to the safety of their data, companies need to implement procedures that ensure the sensitive information they hold remains within their organization.

Real Estate cloudHQ - Sync GMail and Dropbox

There’s no denying that technology is disrupting nearly every industry—and real estate is no exception. As realtors, you’re constantly on the go—so it only makes sense that you tap into the power of mobile and cloud-based technology solutions to help stay up-to-date with your listings, clients and other pertinent industry information. One ideal technology package? Gmail, Dropbox and cloudHQ, all of which unite to offer seamless functionality and accessibility, a compelling combination for realtors.

Realtors Love Technology

Consider, for example, a 2012 survey from the National Association of Realtors that shows 94 percent of realtors communicate with their clients using a mobile device. Additional survey findings indicate that realtors “tend to find the most value in technology tools that allow them to conduct business quickly and conveniently.”

Cloud-based tools have undoubtedly changed the way we do business. That’s especially true for enterprise-level companies, many of which have adopted cloud-based tools to improve and enable productivity of all employees, remote or on-site.

Evernote and SharePoint have become necessary tools in a large enterprise workflow, thanks in large part to the convenience of mobile devices, and easily accessible data.

Sync Evernote SharePoint Enterprise

Yet that accessibility becomes much less convenient if not everyone at the company is using the same services, which is why cloudHQ is a critical addition to any collaborative environment. We’ll show you how cloudHQ can make your existing cloud tools exponentially more powerful. But first, we’ll take a quick look at why Evernote and SharePoint have become two of the top cloud computing choices for the enterprise.

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