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Google Drive Down For Almost An Entire Workday

Google Drive had a humbling service disruption yesterday for the majority of its users, whereby virtually no one was able to access any of their important documents.  The disruption included their popular services such as Google Docs, Drive, Slides, as well as Sheets. When users tried to access their documents, they saw a blank page with a “500 server” error on it.

It took Google nearly 6 hours to repair their popular cloud service. Here’s a screenshot of  what we saw when we tried to access our Google Apps status page:


This is their second service disruption this week – their last disruption was on 10/21/14 from 7:07 PM until midnight.

If your business depends on cloud services, these kind of service disruptions are costing you money.  For example, if your Salesforce records have links to Google documents, and your sales meeting just started, you’ll be missing out on critical information to make any kind of informed decision.

How To Build Your Landing Pages With Collaborators

A well-designed landing page is the key driver for converting visitors into signups. According to a HubSpot study, companies that have between 31 – 40 landing pages garner 7 times more leads than those that have only 1 – 5 landing pages.

Photos, videos, rich graphics, and a simple call to action are all features of landing pages that’ll get you noticed – and will help get you the conversions you’re after. Clearly, you’ll also need to optimize your page through A/B or multivariate testing, load time, SEO,and other elements in order to manage the details involved towards providing a smooth front-end user experience.

We’ve been testing different landing page tools, and we found a newbie that’s boasting some major chops: Pagewiz. Its straightforward, easy-to-use building platform lets you design and launch a customized and optimized landing page in about an hour. It features a simple landing page design tool that offers a wealth of optimized page templates, built-in automated A/B testing, SEO tools and plugins, real-time statistics and analytics, lead exports, integrations and more.

The Dropbox Bug: Why You Need to Back Up Your Data Now, Even If It’s in the Cloud

If you’re one of the millions of people that use Dropbox for backup of their important files, or maybe even as their only digital storage space, you may have heard about a bug that was recently discovered in the cloud storage service. If you haven’t, you’re not going to like what you hear.

Dropbox recently confirmed that a bug in its Selective Sync feature caused some users’ data to be deleted.Some of you might have received a message from Dropbox like this:

We’re reaching out to let you know about an issue affecting Selective Sync that caused some files to be deleted from Dropbox. This problem occurred when the Dropbox desktop application shut down or restarted while users were applying Selective Sync settings.

Based on our investigation of this issue, we think you may be among the small number of users who were affected.

If you haven’t used Selective Sync before, you can stop reading now because you weren’t affected.

If you have used Selective Sync, we wanted to check whether your Dropbox may have been affected. We’ve set up a personalized web page where you can see if there are files that shouldn’t have been deleted and try to restore them.

NEW! Integrate Salesforce With Your Cloud

Sync Salesforce

As far as CRM goes, Salesforce is undoubtedly the top dog. For any sales process, its features are rich, and it adequately understands the sales flow from different sales process touch points: before, during, and after. In fact, it’s become a CRM success in large part due to the development of apps on their AppExchange Marketplace; which is very reminiscent of the way that Apple built out their App Store empire. Knowing how mission critical it is to handhold a client (or their user experience) through your sales process, most companies who value their clients will likely be using Salesforce’s CRM. Their targeted clients are primarily mid to large businesses, and their users comprise of: (1) salespeople, (2) customer service representatives, or (3) upper management personnel so that they can track the sales success of their teams or regions.

Should You Integrate Evernote With Your Cloud?

Should You Integrate Evernote With Your Cloud

You probably already know that Evernote is a great way to take notes, collect digital materials for projects, make to-do lists, set reminders, and generally organize your work in one place across all your devices. What you may not realize is that you can also integrate your cloud seamlessly with Evernote; which means that you can access all your important documents, even on the go.

Real Estate Agents, Streamline Yourselves With Evernote


Staying organized can be a difficult task, especially for real estate agents on-the-go: showings, appointments, document management, collaboration—does it ever slow down? There are not many great choices when it comes to organizational apps or programs. Many of the currently available apps and programs are not compatible with other platforms or devices. But there is one handy tool that stands out from the rest, and that is Evernote. While Evernote may sound like just another typical note-taking app, it is actually much, much more than that; and in the real estate business, it can quickly become a real estate agent’s right-hand assistant.

Evernote for real estate agents

Evernote allows agents to quickly jot down notes from meetings, phone calls, etc. If driving, you can simply use the dictation feature and talk to Evernote. An audio file will be saved and you can transcribe it later.

You can take photos using the camera on your mobile device directly from Evernote. The photos will be saved in Evernote and can be tagged for simple searching at a later time.

Documents can be created, edited, shared and stored using Evernote. To-do lists can be created and managed to ensure you don’t miss any important appointments or tasks. To put it simply—Evernote is like a complete, virtual office that follows you everywhere you go.

Keeping Your Data Safe From Unauthorized Access and Deletion: Dropbox, Credeon, and cloudHQ

People love Dropbox because it’s so convenient and easy to use. But those who use it for business are faced with two challenges: how to make sure their confidential data is protected from unauthorized or malicious access, and how to protect that data against malicious or accidental deletion.

There’s an easy way to do both, when you combine Dropbox with Credeon and cloudHQ.

The Convenience and Concerns of Cloud Storage

You probably already know that Dropbox is an extremely effective and popular cloud storage service that many businesses use for seamless sharing, storage, and backup of important data in the cloud. It makes collaboration simple and convenient.

How To Use Evernote With Egnyte For Media and Advertising Agencies

Box and Basecamp for Lawyers

A flow for Lawyers which want to use Box and Basecamp:

3 Simple Workflow Steps to Help Lawyers Save Time

Project management is something that lawyers need to juggle everyday. Each case is just one of their projects. As a result, effective project management tools that are secure and cloud-based are a “must-have”.

Of course, the million-dollar question remains: What cloud-based project management tools are your best options? The truth is that no one service is the best for everything that you need to do. Each service has something unique to offer, so we’ve devised a way for you to take the best of each of those services and combine them. This way, you’re left with all the power and flexibility to help you organize and run your law firm.

Our legal clients’ preferred trifecta is Basecamp, Box and cloudHQ, not only because of each tool’s inherent functionality, but also because they’re easy to use—and that means you have more time to devote to the work that matters… law.

How Law Firms Can Integrate Evernote into SharePoint

Balancing Scale Between Evernote and Sharepoint

If there’s one thing lawyers have in common, it’s paperwork—lots and lots of paperwork. Notes, depositions, contracts, agreements, waivers, applications—all of this adds up to a lot of paper that needs to be safeguarded and accessible, which is why SharePoint and cloud-powered tools are an increasingly attractive and efficient option for the legal industry.

Why SharePoint Makes Sense in Law Firms 

If you work at a mid to large-sized law firm, there’s a good chance you’re already using SharePoint, a collaborative platform from Microsoft that offers a myriad of functionalities. Whether it’s hosting a video conference across multiple locations or organizing materials for your case, SharePoint can help you get the job done.

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