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11 Free Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Productivity

We’ve recently released a host of free Chrome productivity extensions for Gmail.

They are all free.

If you have Gmail or host your company’s email through Google Apps, you can use any of all of them.

Each one is designed to help you do more, faster, and better.

Here’s the complete list:

1. Gmail Label Sharing

This is our most popular Chrome extension. You can use it to:

  1. Share a bunch of emails all at once with an unlimited amount of people who have an email address.
    • How? Just create and share a Gmail label. You can put as many emails into your labels as you like. Anyone you’ve invited to share your label will have instant access to see it as a Gmail label in their Gmail too (or if they don’t use Gmail, in their email folder regardless of what email provider they use). This eliminates the need to send or forward any emails one at a time, which usually just gets confusing.
  2. Chat about specific emails in your Gmail label with anyone that you’ve shared your Gmail Label with.
    • Small caveat: Sorry non-Gmail users, to use this feature, you need to be using Gmail.

Install Gmail Label Sharing.

2. Slick Email Templates

Create beautiful emails using free, pre-designed templates. Great for:

Once you’ve chosen a template and personalized your message, you’ll be able to send it just like any other email you send with Gmail. New templates are added all the time.

Install Gmail Email Templates.

3. ChatGPT Sidebar

Get artificial intelligence to weigh in on anything you find online; be it your online docs, your email, any webpage, ChatGPT Sidebar can help you with:

Install ChatGPT Sidebar.

4. Gmail Co-Pilot CRM

Meet Gmail Copilot: Your Personal CRM Right Inside Your Inbox! Ever wished for a smarter way to handle your Gmail contacts? Enter Gmail Copilot. Not only does it give you a quick peek into your contact profiles and past chats, but you also get to see all those sneaky attachments you might have forgotten. But wait, there’s more! Boost your game by jotting down notes, setting timely reminders, and diving deep into email histories, all without jumping out of your inbox. It’s the dream tool for anyone aiming to chat smart and stay on top of their communication game.

Install Gmail CoPilot.

5. Google Docs Templates

Access a collection of professionally designed, free Google Docs templates – ranging from business proposals and resume templates to newsletters, flyers, and more.

Perfect for both commercial and non-commercial use, these templates are seamlessly integrated with Google Docs.

To access, simply install the extension, head to Google Drive, tap on “New” -> Google Docs -> “Template by cloudHQ”, then customize the template as desired. Say goodbye to the stress of starting from scratch; these templates, complete with royalty-free images and illustrations, let you craft impactful documents efficiently, whether for personal or business projects.

Install Google Docs Templates.

6. Save Emails to PDF

Easily save Gmail messages as PDF documents to your computer. Simply select as many emails as you like, and click the “Save to PDF” button. Your email(s) will be converted to a PDF and immediately downloaded to your computer.

Install Save Emails to PDF.

7. Save Emails to Google Drive

Save your Gmail message (and attachments) to Google Drive with a single click. SO helpful.

Install Save Emails to Google Drive.


8. Save Emails to Dropbox

Save any Gmail message (and attachments) to Dropbox with one click.

Install Save Emails to Dropbox.

10. Save Emails to SharePoint

Save any Gmail message (and attachments) to Sharepoint with one click.

Install Save Emails to SharePoint.


11. Save Emails to Egnyte

Save any Gmail message (and attachments) to Egnyte with one click.

Install Save Emails to Egnyte.

More Free Productivity Tools Coming Soon!

We’re hard at work on more free productivity tools for you and your team.

To see our full list of Chrome extensions, visit cloudHQ’s page on the Chrome Web Store.

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